Before and After

It’s not the greatest quality picture, but you get the idea. This woman’s hair was transformed. It went from ugly, dry and lifeless, to stylish with body and sheen.
We were stunned when this same woman posted a negative review of us on Yelp. Is she nuts? These pictures speak for themselves, even if taken with a crummy phone camera.
Luckily, our stylist Mya documents her work. As for Mya, she is one of the sweetest, kindest people you’ll ever meet. We can’t believe what this woman said about her over the internet.
If you agree that this woman was wrong, let us know. Leave a comment below. Even better, call us and book an appointment. Mention the woman who unjustly disparaged Mya on the internet and receive a free hair product.
Plus, for every appointment booked in solidarity with Mya before September 1st, Avonti will donate $3. We will use this money to buy Mya a new camera—a gift that will be from all of us.

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