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Makeup with Kat

On Wednesday, Kat Pesanti taught makeup fundamentals to a group of young stylists and curious clients. (Insider tip: Classes at Avonti are usually free and open to the public).
Kat covered client consultation, makeup-kit assembly, and basic application techniques. She says skills learned Wednesday can be used at photo shoots, weddings and other formal events. And she promises to teach an intermediate class soon. Meantime, you can watch a short video from Wednesday’s class and peruse the pictures below.

Now what?

So you just got a fantastic style, highlight or treatment. Now what? What do you do with your hair once you get it home? How do you maintain that fabulous look and keep your hair healthy? I asked a few Avonti stylists and here’s what they had to say:
When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, all our stylists agree. You absolutely must use the right products. Here, as in so many aspects of life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Shampoo and conditioner depend on your hair’s texture and thickness, among other variables.
You might need a thickening shampoo, or one designed for frizzy hair. And if you had a color or highlight, you might need deep conditioning. If so, it’s better to come to the salon. Deep conditioning is more than just the product, says one experienced stylist. It’s also about equipment. So unless you can sit inside your hair dryer at home, come to the salon for deep conditioning treatments. (If you do have a salon-size hair dryer at home, I’d love to see it. Send me a picture of you sitting on it and I’ll post it on this blog)
Here’s another tip: Consider adding rejuvenating and heat-protecting oils before blow drying. Over-vigorous brushing can damage wet hair, as can excessive heat. Depending on your hair, oils can help prevent breakage, add luster and strengthen hair. But remember, it’s always best to check with your stylist before buying any products. Your stylist will help you make the best choice for your hair.