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Self Defense

You can’t always count on men to protect you. Even worse: some men want to hurt you. Avonti strongly supports the right of women to arm and defend themselves against predators. And we know that successful self defense requires regular practice. Last Sunday, Von practiced pistol skills with the Firearms Training Associates, (FTA), one of California’s top self-defense schools. We like this place, and we like their prices. Plus, there’s none of the macho posturing you sometimes find at other firearms schools. FTA provides a relaxed, safe, female-friendly environment. It’s fun too. We highly recommend a visit. If you can’t find a class that works with your schedule, contact the owner Cheryl Murphy to see about special accommodations.

Tanya turns 21, and…

Tanya turned 21 earlier this month. She also graduated from assistant to full-fledged stylist. After 18 months of intensive study with Elisse, she’s ready to work independently and cultivate her own clientele. Happy Birthday Tanya. And Congratulations.

Name that poet

“In the ocean of your hair I see a harbor teeming with melancholic songs, with lusty men of
every nation, and ships of every shape, whose elegant and intricate structures stand out against the enormous sky, home of eternal heat.”

Recognize this?
First one who names the writer wins a free gift.