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Tanya turns 21, and…

Tanya turned 21 earlier this month. She also graduated from assistant to full-fledged stylist. After 18 months of intensive study with Elisse, she’s ready to work independently and cultivate her own clientele. Happy Birthday Tanya. And Congratulations.

Back to School Day

Last Monday, Avonti partnered with the City of Brea to help economically disadvantaged kids look and feel their best. Through the Brea Family Resource Center, qualifying kids first got a new backpack to start their school year. Then they came to us for free haircuts and styling. For six straight hours, the salon was filled with youthful energy and excitement. We had a great time, made new friends and ate far too many rice crispy treats. Please visit the Brea Family Resource Center and consider getting involved. Also, be sure to join us at Avonti this Sunday, September 8th. We’re having a party to raise money for CHOC, the children’s hospital of Orange County. Visit your friends, eat free food and buy a bunch of our ridiculously low-priced raffle tickets. We’re offering amazing prizes and 100% percent of the proceeds will go directly to CHOC. So come have fun and help kids at the same time. Meantime, have a look at these pictures from last Monday.

Makeup with Kat

On Wednesday, Kat Pesanti taught makeup fundamentals to a group of young stylists and curious clients. (Insider tip: Classes at Avonti are usually free and open to the public).
Kat covered client consultation, makeup-kit assembly, and basic application techniques. She says skills learned Wednesday can be used at photo shoots, weddings and other formal events. And she promises to teach an intermediate class soon. Meantime, you can watch a short video from Wednesday’s class and peruse the pictures below.

Stellar Highlights

Erica has an ethereal, otherworldly quality—a cosmic persona attuned to planetary transits and star sounds from distant futures. But her highlights were lagging light years behind. So she abandoned her old salon and came to Von.
Watch as Von applies two browns and one blonde, then positions Erica under the teletransporter, where she awaits molecular transduction. After Erica’s atomic structure reconstitutes, Alessandra gives her a quick rinse, followed by a blow dry and style from Von.
Earth woman Erica becomes Intergalactic Goddess.
Next stop: Planet Beauty.

Guest Blogger

David Serio on Natural beauty from the inside out

Most of us know that beauty is partly genetic. But it’s also a function of good lifestyle choices–eating healthy foods, practicing proper hygiene, abstaining from tobacco and excessive alcohol. Every one of us can take what we’ve been given and improve, enhance and optimize our appearance and beauty.
Here are some suggestions:

1 Begin to slowly introduce healthier eating habits into your life—no dieting.
2 Take advantage of the two “W’s” and the three “S’s” that are free: Water, Walking, Sleep, Stretching and Sunlight. These are all relatively free other than taking your time.
3 Engage in some form of exercise or activity that you enjoy on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to involve going to the gym. Just do something consistently.
4 Consider doing a whole body cleanse to detoxify your entire system.
5 Finally, re-create yourself once a week by de-stressing and enjoying simple pleasures. This is the art of recreation that we should enjoy while we rest from work.

We’re often told that to be healthy and to look good, we must abstain from anything fun or anything that tastes good. But natural beauty is not skin deep. Rather, it comes from the inside out. Ask the right questions and make wise decisions. Your family, friends and colleagues will notice the difference in how you look and feel.
–David Serio

Sculpture by Gisele

This Friday, sculpture by Gisele Cariou will be featured during the opening of a new wing at Yorba Linda’s Nixon Museum. The opening ceremony will also include performances from the US Marine Corps Band, followed by an indoor piano recital. The event begins at 10:30 a.m. and is open to the public. Gisele is an accomplished artist who works with a variety of materials. On Friday, the museum will display her bronze sculpture depicting a youthful Nixon. The museum is located at 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda.

New Stylist

Who is that handsome man? More than a few clients have asked about our newest addition during this last week. His name is Octavio. And he’s just joined our staff. Octavio brings over 10 years of styling experience to the salon. Below he can be seen working with long-time client Debbie.